App 12: Dec 19 Survey123

Survey123 for ArcGIS Submitted by Kendal Crawford, Brighton College Linkedin What is it? Survey123 is an app by and for ArcGIS: A geographic information system that allows users to create and use maps, compile geographic data,

App 11: Dec 18 Grafio

Grafio Note: this iOS App isn’t free but it is highly recommended. Submitted by Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D., Justice Institute of British Columbia, @drjamm What is it? Grafio – Create stunning diagrams, graphs and designs that are perfect for teachers’… Continue Reading →

App 10: Dec 15 Cram

Cram Submitted by Charlotte Webster & Keith Webster, Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Royal Roads University, CTET | @keithatwork1 What is it? Cram is an online service that lets you create flashcard sets for yourself or your students, or… Continue Reading →

App 9: Dec 14 Nearpod

Nearpod Submitted by Dugg Steary, | @duggsteary What is it? Nearpod is a web-based and mobile application that allows educators to deliver their lessons interactively to students while monitoring their progress in real-time. Educators can download curated lessons from… Continue Reading →

App 8: Dec 13 Canva

Canva Submitted by Colin Madland, | @colinmadland My offering for this year’s 12 Apps of Christmas shindig hosted by ETUG is Canva. What is it? What can it do? Canva is a free (with a Pro upgrade available) mobile… Continue Reading →

App 7: Dec 12 Thinglink

Thinglink Submitted by Sylvia Riessner, educational consultant, @Northerntweeter What is it? Thinglink is a platform for creating interactive, image-based experiences from you desktop or mobile devices. Thinglink allows you to turn any digital image into a shareable, interactive resource with… Continue Reading →

App 6: Dec 11: Submitted by: Clint Lalonde, Manager Educational Technology & Development, BCcampus What is it? is a group video chat that works via WebRTC enabled web browsers (recent versions of Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Edge or Safari should work), or… Continue Reading →

App 5: Dec 8 Quik

Quik Submitted by Karen Budra and Julian Prior, Educational Technology, Langara College. (Karen is @KarenBudra and Julian is @jpodcaster on Twitter). What is it? Quik is a mobile video editor that enables you to automatically stitch together video clips, still… Continue Reading →

App 4: Dec 7 Feedly

Feedly Submitted by Keith Webster, Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Royal Roads University, CTET | @keithatwork1 What is it? Feedly is an app that lets you curate and read online sources that distribute content with RSS. It works through… Continue Reading →

App 3: Dec 6 Pocket

Pocket Submitted by: Emily Schudel, Camosun College (eLearning) | | @DE_Camosun What is it? Pocket is a free (with a paid Premium option) tool which allows you to “save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for… Continue Reading →

App 2: Dec 5 Google Keep

Google Keep Submitted by Sally Wilson, Ryerson University Library | @pomathorn What is Google Keep? Google Keep is a streamlined minimalist note taking app with some powerful features. Released in March 2013, Keep is available for multiple platforms. Google Keep allows you to… Continue Reading →

App 1: Dec 4 Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures Submitted by Leva Lee, BCcampus | @levalee What is it? What can it do? This mobile app was released in late summer 2017 and is an exciting development for Liberating Structures (LS) aficionados. For those unfamiliar with Liberating… Continue Reading →

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