Note: this iOS App isn’t free but it is highly recommended.

Submitted by Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D., Justice Institute of British Columbia, @drjamm

What is it?

Grafio – Create stunning diagrams, graphs and designs that are perfect for teachers’ slides and comics. Tell a story. Empower yourself to create your own visuals for tiny tweets or oversized poster images. Even create visual learning objects that talk! Easy. Gorgeous. Fun!

YouTube Tutorials

Grafio basics. Here is an excellent professional quality tutorial made by “Apps in Law”.

My tutorial for you. Here is my tutorial that shows you how to make a cartoon using Grafio.

Get Grafio?

We have one free promo code to get Grafio for your iOS device. Having watched the YouTube videos, post a comment here about how you would use Grafio. We’ll send the promo code to the first commenter.

Grafio Tutorial

Screenshots from the Grafio Website at

  • Apple Store for iOS version

ShapeRecognition – shapes you draw are automatically closed and The lines you draw between shapes are automatically turned into connections.

Shapes Library – Grafio provides hundreds of shapes you could easily drag in from the library. You could also Insert images from your camera roll.

Audio Notes – Record audio notes to your shapes.

Group or Lock objects to keep characters or complex images in one piece, scalable and moveable.

Full snapping features. easy alignment of text and objects.

No pixels. You won’t see pixels ever again. Zoom as much as you want, and export your canvas as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG at low or high definition. Everything from a tiny business card to an oversized poster looks perfect (no pixelation).

Your 12 Apps of Christmas mission

Create your own cartoon that tells a story of when you were torn between two impulses. That is, on the one hand you felt this, and on the other hand you felt that. Maybe two friends were giving you opposite advice. Maybe two sides of yourself were fighting over whether you should have a healthy salad or layer cake. Base your cartoon on your own professional or personal experience. You are invited to create a one panel comic/cartoon around the theme of ONE of the titles below. Your comic can be funny or serious. It can be about teaching or any other REAL experience in your life. Extra kudos if you work in a holiday theme to your cartoon.

Please add a comment below, write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

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