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What is it?

Feedly is an app that lets you curate and read online sources that distribute content with RSS. It works through your web browser or with a mobile app and synchs between all your devices.

What can it do?

Feedly makes it easy to collect relevant materials and then read them when you have spare time, no matter where you are.

How does it work

You can start a Feedly account online on your computer at http://feedly.com or you can get started directly with your free Feedly App at:

  • Apple Store for iOS version
  • Google Play for Android version

Once you have an account on the App you can subscribe to content you would like to read. Each RSS feed that you subscribe to can be placed in a category to better organize your Feedly (both in the App and on the desktop). As items become available in the feeds you’ve subscribed to, Feedly will display the number of unread items in each feed and for each category. You can read most items directly within the Feedly platform, or use the link to read the original source.

Follow these steps to create an account and add content once you have downloaded the App.

  • iOS
  • Android

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Introducing Feeds

How can you use it in your teaching and learning?

Feedly is a great tool for curating content that will keep you up to date in your field or in the pedagogies and technologies that support your teaching. You can model this for your students and have them begin to curate their own collections of feeds to follow.

If you have students using blogs, YouTube, Twitter or other social media in your teaching, Feedly can be an important way to collect and keep track of student work in one place. Instead of visiting each student blog in turn to see if something new has been posted, or if there is a discussion developing, you can add these feeds to Feedly and check for new items at a glance.

A short task – challenge yourself!

Download the Feedly App and set up your account.

Find some RSS feeds for content and add them to your Feedly. Create a category or two to group your feeds. The next time you’re on the bus, waiting 10 minutes for a meeting, or otherwise waylayed, pull out your mobile device and read some news, blog posts or other material you’ve curated in your Feedly.

Take it a bit further?

Consider an activity you could give to your students where they could make use of Feedly, or where you could all use Feedly to keep track of your work on the web. Describe this activity in a blog post, tweet or comment below.
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