It’s time to start rounding up some new apps for the 12 Apps of 2020.

The 12 Apps of 2020presents an opportunity for students, educators and educational support staff to learn about mobile apps that can be used to support teaching and learning in the classroom or online. Towards the end of each month in 2020 one app is presented along with a short activity to get participants using the app for an educational purpose.

Apps to be presented should fit with the following criteria.

  • Not previously presented in the BC 12 Apps of Christmas (or to be presented in a way substantially different from the previous entry).
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices or as a web app (a mobile friendly website that provides ‘app-like’ functionality).
  • Free to download and use, or have a free version (not just a trial version) with substantial features.
  • An educational activity that incorporates the app can be completed in around an hour.

See the apps from previous iterations of the 12 Apps of Christmas to get a sense of what has been presented already.

If you’ve got an app in mind for the 12 Apps of 2020, let me know at

Hope we’ll be seeing you (and your app) this year.

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