HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma)

Submitted by Keith Webster, Instructional Designer, Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Royal Roads University | @keithatwork1

What is it?

HP Reveal (formerly called Aurasma) is an augmented reality development and distribution platform. It lets you create ‘Auras’ that display content on a smartphone when it scans an object or image in the real world. While HP Reveal does have a paid version, it is fully functional with a free account. HP Reveal is one of the recommended apps in the Apple Educator program.

Download the App

How does it work

HP Reveal works by pairing one thing in the physical environment with another media piece in the online environment. You upload an image of something in your physical space and then upload a media piece (100 mb limit on the free account) to be paired with it. A learner with the HP Reveal app on their mobile device scans the object in your physical space (this can include an image displayed on a monitor) and the paired media piece will be displayed as a layer over top of it.

Extend your learning

There is a substantial number of tutorials out there for HP Reveal. Remember that this tool was recently purchased so some materials will be found by searching for ‘Aurasma’. Two official tutorial collections are:

HP Reveal ‘How-to’ Articles

HP Reveal YouTube Channel

Teachers: How to use HP Reveal app

Using HP Reveal in teaching and learning

HP Reveal offers an excellent platform for linking real-world objects with online resources to extend or enrich learning. It is similar to using QR codes, but offers a more seemless and vastly better experience.

HP in a K-12 classroom

A short task – challenge yourself!

Try out the app

Jeremy Sutton is an artist who uses HP Reveal. Go to his web page at:


Download the HP Reveal app and follow his instructions to interact with some of his art (you don’t need to print anything, you can scan directly from your monitor). Comment below or share on Twitter (hashtag #12AppsBC), your experience using this app and how it might fit in your teaching.

Make your own Aura

Sign up for an HP Reveal account and follow the steps laid out in the tutorials above to create your own aura. If you use an online image or webpage as your target image, you can share your aura online just like Jeremy Sutton has. Share the info in the comments below so others can check it out. People will need to know your username so they can follow you on HP Reveal and they will need a link to the target image. Let us know what it was like creating your own aura.

Don’t forget to come back and add a comment below, write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

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