Submitted by Lisa Gedak, Teaching and Learning with Technologies Strategist, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

What is it?

Animoto is a cloud-based video creation tool that allows users to storyboard with video clips, photos, and music, for designing and producing impressive videos, slideshows, and presentations. Animoto is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android operating systems, and runs in web browser. Educators can complete an “education application” and register themselves for free, as well as up to 50 students or colleagues. Animoto offers a beginner-friendly interface, and new users can begin to create dynamic videos immediately upon sign-up.

What can it do?

Animoto offers an outlet to create impressive videos, slideshows, and presentations. Videos can be “copied” and edited so making slightly different versions is easy. Users can add music, text, and voiceovers to slides and videos. Animoto videos can be created from scratch, or there are a variety of pre-loaded templates that can be accessed. Animoto houses over 1,000,000 stock Getty images and videos, ensuring enough content that users may not even need to upload their own files. Animoto can import a plethora of file types to add to the videos, including, MP4, AVI, MOV, QT, 3GP, M4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4V, H264, WMV, MPG4, MOVIE, M4U, FLV, DV, MKV, MJPEG, OGV, MTS, and MVI. Uploaded video clips can be up to 400MB. Completed projects can be exported in high resolution, and can also be shared through social media, URL, or embed code.

Download the App

How does it work

  • Download the app, or sign up online using an email address and a password (free for educators).
  • Begin to create! On the app, select “templates”, and on the web browser, click “create”.
  • Choose stock images and video, or upload your own content.
  • Share your creations on social media, via embed code, or URL.

Here is an example of an Animoto I created about the intersection between pedagogy and technology:

Intersection of Pedagogy and Technology

Extend your learning

Animoto has a blog where it houses resources, such as, blog articles, video tips, video examples, video ideas, news, marketing support and consumer trends. There are also links to various social media pages Animoto hosts.

Animoto Blog and Resources

Using Animoto in teaching and learning

Animoto offers educators the ability to register themselves, and up to 50 students for no cost, making it a desirable option. The mobile app allows users to capture and share moments when learning opportunities present themselves.

Video based activities and assignments can increase learner engagement, are easy to consume and can make it easier to understand topics, ideas, and concepts. Videos can integrate the outside world into the classroom.

The process of students creating and producing videos can promote autonomy, reflection, improved communication skills, research skills, collaboration, problem solving, digital literacy skills, and organizational skills.

As a bonus, videos can be utilized in future classes and as a resource for future cohorts.

A short task – challenge yourself!

Create a self-introduction video using Animoto:

  1. Create a new Animoto (if using app select “templates”, if using web browser click “create”).
  2. Upload a picture of yourself (or an avatar, emoji, image) or use a Getty stock image.
  3. Use voiceover or text to introduce yourself.
  4. Add music.
  5. Share your creation!!

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