Submitted by Keith Webster (suggested by Charlotte Webster), Associate Director for Learning Technologies, Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, Royal Roads University

What is it?

Remind is a simple app that enables communication between a group of people. I saw this app used with great success by teachers and coaches at our local high school. It worked for both teacher-driven communications and for formal and informal groups that may or may not have included a teacher or coach.

What can it do?

Remind can facilitate communication across classes or within a community group. It’s a low barrier way to create a specific list for a specific purpose and communicate via mobile app or through your computer. Remind is specifically designed for K-12 education and is suitable to any group (teacher led or not) that needs to communicate with all its members.

Download the App

How does it work

  • As an educator go to or use the app to create a free account.
  • Set up a class and either share the link or add people.
  • As a participant download the app and use the course code to join a group.

A short task – challenge yourself!

Dowload the Remind App and join the 12 Apps of 2020 course by using the class code:


Once you’re in, I’ll send you a note and you can send a message to other participants.

An extra task – try out the teacher side

  • Go to the site and set up your own teacher account.
  • Create a class and share the code in the comments below.
  • Send a message to your class!

Extend your learning

Remind Tutorials

Remind Videos

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