Submitted by: Sarah McPherson Program Director, NYIT Instructional Technology & Lee Harris, Associate Director NYIT Career Services and Alumni Relations

What is it?

BeFunky is a free online photo editing and collage maker. The vision of the developers is to provide tools that are easy enough anyone can create beautiful photographs and professional-quality graphic design without any special skills or technical expertise. For information about the developers follow the link to the About Us page.

What can it do?

BeFunky is a mobile app which functions as a photo editor and collage maker. It can be used to enhance photos by adding text, backgrounds, and specialty emoticons and stickers. It allows the author to add more texture, vividness, highlights and character to photos.

The collage maker can be used to create banner, flyers, posters, cards, infographics, and brochures. Photos can be organized to create adjustable collage templates to suit your purpose. Users can create beautiful online graphic designs with drag-and-drop simplicity using pre-designed templates, or they can create a project from scratch with the easy-to-use graphic design tools. It allows the use to select from multiple templates that can be adjusted in size and shape. Images should be photo edited before placing them into a collage so that the user can focus on details, such as background designs, adding text or ‘goodies’ which are stickers and emoticons provided from a large range of topics.



Download App

Download and install the free app at

How does it work?

Once the app is installed;

  • Open the app and choose photo editor or collage maker.
  • BeFunky will request permission to access your photos – select ALLOW.

To edit photos:

  1. Choose a photo to edit
  2. Grid will allow to crop the photo
  3. Choose use photo on top right of screen
  4. a tool bar on bottom will appear, (i.e. touch up, effects, text) select tool to use
  5. Click save on upper right of screen
  6. Will ask where to save, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, email, or text message, etc.)
  7. To get back to camera roll use the icon in the top center of screen.

To create a collage:

  1. Select Collage Maker
  2. Choose template from choices at bottom of screen
  3. Tap on one empty photo space and choose the photo to place there
  4. Click DONE for each photo to include in collage
  5. To remove or alter a photo in collage format, tap it and select the action you want
  6. To rearrange photos within template, drag and drop to wherever you want photos to appear
  7. Apply background, text, emoticons and/or adjust size of images in the template as you desire by tapping the toolbar at the bottom the screen.

Extend your Learning

BeFunky and have Fun!

Uses in Teaching & Learning

Students can use it in many creative ways to take their photos to the next level.

With the photo editing feature, students can exercise their creativity to create photo designs such as changing the focal point of the image, choosing filters that make colours crisp, changing the mood and even timeless in sepia or black and white, shifting the orientation of the image, adding text or choosing a border to enhance the image content. These images can be used in projects and presentations, newsletters, or for personal use.

Teachers could use BeFunky to provide visual representation of content, highlight key concepts, compare and contrast differing features – all strategies to reinforce visual learning. Teachers could also document student work by using the collage maker as an ‘e-portfolio’. Sharing student work with parents generates a more inclusive experience for both parents and students. BeFunky can also be used to enhance students ICT skills.

Because BeFunky is such a creative application, teachers could have students use this tool to design books of poetry, student introductions, motivational posters, or in digital storytelling projects. Students could even create a cartoon of images (BeFunky has a feature to change images into cartoons or even pencil drawings) or present a poster project on a given topic or even upload it to a blog project. Applying the BeFunky tools is a great way to make lessons more creative, visually appealing and engaging for students.

A short task – challenge yourself!

  1. Select or take a photo of an important issue you would like to generate conversation about.
  2. Apply BeFunky filters/tools to the images
  3. Add text is you want, or if you can, try to bring about a given response through the editing features – mood, focal point, background, goodies etc. That would be ideal!
  4. Save it and publish it through social media using #12AppsBC or in the comments section of this post.

Did you try this activity?

Leave a comment below with your impressions of the app and we will enter your name into a draw to win a $25 gift card from Google Play or iTunes stores (see conditions). Some things you may want to comment on are;

  • Other ideas or ways that this app could be used in teaching & learning?
  • What skills or knowledge do students gain or enhance when using this app?
  • Are there other apps or services that you know of that are similar to this app? How is the app different from that app?
  • What are the terms of service for this app, and what rights did it ask for when installing it on your mobile device?
  • Based on your experience, what is one thing instructors should know when using this app?
  • Things that worked or didn’t work in the app?
  • How easy/difficult was the app to install and use?

Be sure to post your creations!

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