Submitted by Lisa O’Neill, Learning Developer, Teaching and Learning Support, Delft University of Technology | @capermags

What is it?

UMU (stands for you, me and us) is a microlearning platform that allows 10,000+ learners to interact at the same time with your lessons and or course. There are a considerable number of social learning functions available to build your micro learning sessions, and learners can access your lesson/course/program using a provided pin code without needing to register on the platform. The platform is accessible from within any web browser or through their iOS/Android app.

What can it do?

Anyone who wants to thread together learning moments into pathways and programs can build them in UMU. You can use it for your course, your conference presentation, your scout troop (I’m sure merit badges must be digital by now!), or to develop your faculty professional development pathways.

Download the App

How does it work

Signing up is easy with an email, and basic information. You can start setting up key elements of a course straight away. The easiest first step is to share your lesson readings, your presentation material, and perhaps a survey that asks learners for feedback on their session experience. By sharing your course pincode with learners they can get to their resources straight away. Learners are not required to create an account to access your course space, provide their feedback, or participate in provided activities. The benefit of learner registration is so that you can reward learners for investing in your course, and help with activity/assessment tracking.

A few exciting features that can work for any technology enabled classroom are its polling feature, and ‘leveling up’ rewards (badges, leaderboards, etc) to encourage sustained course interactions. To engage learners in activity and assessment, you can add these elements:

and then create (required and optional) pathways from your additions.

Extend your learning

A fun activity might be to use the raffle function to have learners participate in a scavenger hunt. You may give them a picture clue or a code to break and set a time limit for them to go off and search/seek out the correct answer (providing an artifact as evidence to answer questions). The more correct answers increases a learner’s ranking. You can also use this function as a group activity preparation step, to help identify learners to put into groups.

Using UMU in teaching and learning

A short task – challenge yourself!

First register on the website. Once registered go ahead and ‘create course’:

Now that you’ve created your classroom, find 2-5 slides in a recent slide deck you used at a conference or in your course. Find something that would make a good learning nugget (learnable in 5 minutes or less). Once found, turn the slides into a content clip. You’ve now got your first microlearning. Now, to aid learners even more, add a quiz or survey to test comprehension or gather feedback on this new learning nugget. To aid learners further you may want to set up registration so you can track learner progress.

Share a link to your microcourse in the comments below. Try out some of the others and comment on how your experience of UMU has been. How could you see using Umu for your own teaching and learning?

You could also write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

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