Submitted by Aideen Gibson, Educational Developer (Digital Education), Queen’s University Belfast | @AideenGibson

What is it? is an audience interaction platform that allows you to host real-time online conversations as you present, as well as deliver quick polls/surveys. It is an easy to use audience participation tool that enables you to pose questions to your audience that they can answer using their mobile devices. Alternativey, your audience can use to ask you questions or contibute ideas during the presentation.

What can it do?

A free account enables you to:

  • Create polls or surveys in advance to ask your audience during a presentation
  • Make live polls on the fly to receive instant feedback
  • Collect and curate ideas from your audience
  • Display poll results and questions onscreen to the audience
  • View and export analytics for your event

It allows your audience to:

  • Ask questions from any device connected to the internet
  • Upvote the questions they like the most
  • Contribute ideas to the presenter

The free version offers presenters the opportunity for interaction with up to 1000 participants. Questions are anonymous and the audience can upvote (like) each other’s questions, allowing you to see the key questions during the Q&A period.

A paid account offers more features, including the ability to embed in a presentation and to share documents (.pdf and .ppt) with your audience in real-time. It also allows you to monitor and check questions before you display them to your audience.

Download the App

Note: The App is free to download for Android and iOS. However, is a web service so the mobile website works very well and I would recommend it for one time users.

How does it work

As a teacher, you need to create an account to use Participants do not need an account, they can login to a session by typing in their browser and entering the Event Code.

To create an account type in your browser and select Sign Up.

Enter your details and click Create Account.

When you sign up select a free account (choose One Time tab) or a paid teacher account (choose Edu tab).

Extend your learning

Online Video Tutorials

How to manage Questions with Slido

How to manage Polls with Slido

Introducing ideas

Tips for getting the most out of

Using in teaching and learning can be used in both small and large group teaching sessions. It is especially useful in large lecture theatres, where it may be difficult to hear students’ questions clearly or where students are reticent to ask a question in front of their peers. See Alistair Cohen’s light-hearted review of the App here:

Teaching scenarios where can be used:

Ice-breakers – start your class with a warm-up question to encourage interaction from your students from the very beginning of the lecture.

Check for understanding – make sure that your students are keeping up with the lesson and your points are getting through to them by asking quiz questions at intervals throughout your lecture.

Crowd-source ideas – generate ideas for research projects or approaches to solving a research question or simply use this feature to kick-start discussion about a topic.

Groupwork and collaboration – rather than vote individually, ask your students to form small groups to discuss a problem or statement in more depth. Explain that they will use to report back the prevailing view of the group. The call to vote from the lecturer should help groups to arrive at a collective decision. This is an effective technique to encourage discussion even when it would be possible for everyone to vote individually. It is also particularly useful when not every student has a suitable device to access

A couple of tasks – challenge yourself!

Starter Task: Participate in a Poll

Don’t forget to come back and add a comment below, write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

Advanced Task: Prepare a poll in advance and try it out in a teaching session

  1. Teacher creates an account
  2. Teacher prepares the poll in advance
  3. In the teaching session, students go to and enter the event code
  4. Teacher activates the poll
  5. Students vote
  6. Teacher displays results of poll to class (optional)

Alternatively, you can create a poll with these steps and then share the access code in the comments below.

Step 1: Type in your browser and create an account.

  1. Select ‘SIGN UP’ in the top right and Create account.

Step 2: Create an Event and prepare the poll for this session.

  1. Click Create a new event and type in the name and dates of the session. You can create something for an upcoming class, or set the session for this week to share it with everyone here. Once you hit enter, you’ll be taken directly into your event. Make a note of your Event code which will be displayed in the top centre of the screen.

  1. Click Polls
  2. Click Create poll and select poll type: Multiple Choice
  3. Enter your Question, type in the possible answers and click Save
  4. To see how the event will appear to students, click the device icon at the top right of the screen

Step 3: Instruct students to join the event during the session.

  1. Open a browser on any laptop, tablet or smartphone
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the event code (yours will be different from below)
  4. If you’re sharing this poll with the 12 Apps crowd, paste the event code in the comments section below

Step 4: Activate the poll.

  • To activate your survey poll, click the play icon next to it. Once you do that, the survey will show all questions on the participant devices but you’ll be able to display only one poll question at a time in Present view.

Step 5: Ask students to vote.

  1. Click the Poll tab on the device to see the poll displayed.
  2. Choose an answer and click Send.
  3. Note: If the poll has more than one question, students can see and vote for all your poll questions at once. Results will remain hidden on their devices and they’ll be able to see them only in Present view.

Step 6: (Optional) Display the results to your students.

  1. To display the results, unfold the individual poll questions and click the arrow icon for each one to display its results in Present view or click All Results.

Don’t forget to come back and add a comment below, write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

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