Submitted by Emily Renoe, Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia

What is it?

Mentimeter is a cloud-based polling tool that allows you to engage and interact with your participants/students by creating questions, getting answers, and easily show the results in real time. Participants can use their mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet.

Download the App

How does it work

  1. Sign up through your Facebook profile, Google account, or with an email address and password that you choose, and create a New Presentation
  2. Select your question types incl multiple choice, image choice, word cloud (my favorite!), quiz, and open-ended.
  3. When you create your presentation, a voting code/presentation ID used for voting appears on top of the screen. The most usual way for your audience to start voting is to go to and enter that code. (See image 1 at right)

As results start tricking in, both you and your students see the real-time results. (Image 2 at right, is an example of an open-ended question).

Mentimeter in Teaching and Learning

Mentimeter is a fantastic polling solution that allows an instructor/presenter to actively engage with students/participants because it adds dynamics to the classroom/presentation! The beauty of this tool is that it is super easy to use and accessible on a mobile phone – which most, if not all students have with them at all times! Some of the benefits of using polling as a low-stakes active learning strategy are:

  • gauges students’ comprehension of concepts
  • instructors can adapt instruction as and where needed
  • encourages participation for students of all comfort levels
  • builds flexibility in classroom session based on student responses

Extend your learning

Mentimeter has a great selection of to get you going! There’s also a Mentimeter YouTube channel.

A short task – challenge yourself!

Try Mentimeter

Try it for yourself! Go to and enter code 94554. Please contribute a response to the question “What are some tried and true active learning strategies that you use and why?”

Then check for contributions from everyone here. (Note: You can also embed the results in a variety places such as a website, blog, and an LMS. The beauty of embedding the polling results, in say an LMS, is that students can return time and time again and see the results updated as new responses come in.

Make your own Mentimeter poll

Sign up for a Mentimeter account and create your own interaction. Post the details here in the comments area to share.

Don’t forget to come back and add a comment below, write a blog post or share your results somewhere on social media. Use the hashtag: #12AppsBC

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