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What is it?

Plotagon is a robust yet simple to use animation app available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. The free version offers an in-app purchase with new scenes beginning at just over a dollar Canadian and an all access Golden Ticket for 50 bucks.

In addition to the free Story version, Plotagon is available, by subscription, for business and education. The education version starts at $99/yr. for up to 30 seats.

What can it do?

With Plotagon Story you can bring your stories to the small screen in animated form. You get to be the writer, director, and if you want, the voice actor. Really, anything that has dialogue would work in Plotagon. The app allows you to create your own characters, choose from several free scenes, and add music and sound effects. To create the dialogue, you just enter it as text and use the computerized voices. Alternatively, you can record your own voice to synch up with the animation. You can also add movements and emotions that synch with the dialogue. Before you render your finished video, you can add captions and download it as a GIF.

Here is what I managed to do with the free version on an iPhone in about 20 minutes while watching a municipal election debate: So, political commentary is an alternative use.

Download the App

How does it work

After you download and install on your chosen device, you’ll be prompted to create a free account. You can also link a YouTube account so that completed plots can be easily uploaded to Youtube. Alternatively, you can download your draft or finished masterpiece locally as an MP4. And that’s it.

One thing to remember is that Plotagon is not cloud-based. Although your account can be used across devices, a Plot you create on one device will not be accessible on another.

I’ve installed the app on my iPhone, Mac and a PC with only one technical issue – using multiple monitors on some Macbook Pros can cause problems. Other than that the installation was quick and painless.

Extend your learning

For a full review and basic tutorial check out Tracie Hicks’ post. The steps on a desktop, iOS or Android device are similar – look for the relevant Plotagon icons .

The Plotagon website also has links to excellent tutorials.

Using Plotagon in teaching and learning

For online courses this could be a great way to introduce yourself or to explain a concept. Because the free version is so usable I suspect many K-12 teachers are encouraging students to create their own Plots, and if you spend any time searching for examples you’ll find the majority of shared Plotagon stories have been uploaded by children and youth.

One of the best examples of educational uses comes from Tracy Carrol ( who uses Plotagon with Articulate and Camtasia to create engaging and interactive scenarios.

You can also access tons of lesson plans and training ideas here:

A short task – challenge yourself!

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